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 DR® Towable Backhoe 

DR Towable Backhoe

DR® Towable Backhoe
The DR Backhoe is made by Country Home Products, makers of the DR Field and Brush Mowers and DR Outdoor Power Equipment.  The DR Backhoe comes with a Warranty of 2 years for residential use, 1 year warranty for commerical use.  The DR Backhoe also comes with a 6 month risk free trial.
The DR Backhoe is highway towable, so you can take it anywhere with your pickup truck. Or tow it with an ATV to off-road sites where heavier equipment can’t get to easily or safely.

Big Digging Power!

The DR® Towable Backhoe has power to spare for trenching, landscaping, stump removal, heavy lifting and more. It is self-powered and has its own powerful hydraulic system so there’s no fussing with 3-point hitch or hydraulic connections. 

Easily tows on the highway with a pickup truck (up to 45mph), or off-road with an ATV or Lawn Tractor—allowing you to go places you couldn’t take a tractor easily or safely. 

The DR Backoe is designed to make big digging performance both portable and affordable!

DR Towable Backhoe Features

Easy Set Up

The DR Backhoe is self-powered and has its own hydraulic power system. Since it’s completely self-contained, there’s no fussing with 3-point hitch or hydraulic connections. It’s ready to go any time you are!
Unmatched Portability

The DR Backhoe hitches to your pickup truck with a common 2” ball hitch, and is highway towable at up to 45 mph. You can take it off-road with your ATV or Lawn Tractor, allowing you to get to places a tractor couldn’t go easily or safely.
Flexible Design

The DR Backhoe is designed for digging attached to your tow vehicle or free-standing. Working unhitched, for lighter jobs, gives you maximum maneuverability, and means you don’t have to tie up your tow vehicle if it’s needed for other purposes. For ripping or lifting, you should leave the tow vehicle attached to provide extra anchorage.
Unique Stabilizer System

The DR Backhoe's wide stance stabilizer system provides maximum holdback to counter digging force and provide solid platform. Unique foot design enables you to reposition the unit, using the bucket, but resists unintentional “crawl”. Front stabilizer legs have 3 positions for modifying working height. Rear stabilizer feet skid backward easily but resist forward sliding.
High-performance Engine

The DR Backhoe's Subaru/Robin engine is among the very best small engines available. It’s the first air-cooled engine in the world to use auto-style chain-driven overhead cam technology. Steel cam and gear replace rubber timing belts and plastic gears found in other engines, for longer engine life. Overhead cam design...cast-iron cylinder sleeve…and superior lubrication.

Comes standard with:

12” digging bucket 
2 Year Warranty (1 Year for Commercial use) 
6 Month Risk Free Trial 
FREE Road Towing Package (for a limited time)

DR Towable Backhoe Specifications
Digging Depth 6' 4.5" 
Reach 8' 8.5" 
Digging Force 1,950 lbs. 
Breakout Force 1,950 lbs. 
Swing Arc 128° 
Bucket Rotation 148° 
Transport Height 6' 1" 
Transport Length 10' 
Wheel Base 64" 
Loading Height 57.6" 
Loading Reach 38.4" 
Max. Lift Capacity: Up to 612 lbs. 
Hydraulic Flow 2.6 GPM @ 3,200 RPM 
Hydraulic Pressure 2,500 PSI 
Reservoir 10 gallons
Weight 960 lbs. 

Click here to Order the DR Towable Backhoe made by Country Home Products, the makers of the DR Brush Mower.



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