Farm Equipment For Sale:  Grain dryers and grain handling

 Grain dryers and grain handling

makes: Gilmore and Tatge and some others

year: unknown:

 I live in New Mexico in the Lovington area, I have recently purchased a home with a grain handling and drying business that was shut down in 2000. I have 5 grain dryers, 3 elevators, 11 hopper bottom bins, several augers and several electric disconnect boxes. Two of the dryers are Gilmore and Tatge model 570 and the other three I donít know what the brand name is exactly, the tags are sun dried and all I can make out is Columbus and what I believe is Nebraska, one is a model C601 and the other two are model 400. Some of the grain dryers have spindles still on them for transportation. I know the two 570 models do anyway. The other three look like that hade them at one time so I am assuming they are portable. They run off of natural gas. I also have a smaller portable bin with the auger attached. I have an electric over hydraulic system with rams for the doors on the augers.There is one large silo round silo and catwalks t all. There is one large shop that was used for grain storage and has and overhead system with several hand operated doors and a catwalk. The shop I want to keep but the overhead system I want to get rid of. I have a Fairbanks morse model 113436 inground recording beam scale system and a burrows model 700 digital moisture computer. If you are interested in any of this equipment let me know.

price: make offer

phone: 940-882-5556

Located in:  Lovington, NM

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