Farm Equipment For Sale:  12 bale - Square Bale Convertable Accumulator / Hay Handling Equipment


Haytech Hay Bale Accumulator /Hay Handling Equipment

The Hay Master 08 Convertable is the only accumulator capable of being
 pulled beside a truck, tractor, or ATV as well as behind a square
 baler. It converts in less than a minute, allowing custom accumulating of
 square bales that have already been baled and on the ground. This
 versatliity is a unique capability in a square bale accumulator. This new
 machine is unique, being covered by three new patents using patented
 vertical lever technology. There are no hydraulics, microswitches, chains or
 pulleys to cause down time. It hooks behind any square baler in seconds
 without utilizing pumps or tractor hydraulics. The simple working
 mechanisim makes this accumulator virtually foolproof. The simple design
 requires no timing, adjusting, or maintenance. The Hay Master 08
 Convertable square bale accumulator is the heaviest-duty ground-driven
 accumulator on the market. Hay Tech has 20 years experience designing and
 building mechanized hay handling equipment. The 8-BG Bale Grapple is on!
 e of the heaviest-duty square bale grapples, fitting virtually all
 loaders 40 HP and above. Units are available to handle both 8, 10 & 12

This simple but innovative hay handling system allows one man to bale
 and load square bale hay without additional and hard to find labor.
 Square bales can be loaded on to a trailer, off-loaded in to a barn and
 loaded back on the trailer when the hay is sold, this gives a versatility
 that bale wagons do not have. The Convertable allows a farmer to do
 custom hay hauling that previously required manual labor. The Hay Master
 08 Convertable easily does 600 bales per hour.

price: $8000

Located in:  Bascom, FL

phone: 1-800-355-1957

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