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Farm Equipment Financing

A leader in the farm equipment financing markets, Direct Capital is the proud provider of Equipment Financing for eBay. At Direct Capital, we have helped thousands of farmers and agricultural companies lease the equipment they need to succeed. 
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Store > DR Power Grader

DR Driveway Grader

Anyone who has graded a driveway using a blade on a tractor knows that you need to put a lot of weight on the blade to do any good. But that’s not the only approach that works.

Last year DR Power Equipment introduced the DR Power Grader, an ingenious invention that grades dirt and gravel surfaces using a lawn tractor or ATV. We took advantage of the company’s trial offer and discovered that the grader works great!
DR Power Grader

The Power Grader is equipped with a line of carbide-steel “scarifiers,” or teeth, like those on some tractor blades, positioned in front of the grader’s blade. What makes the DR Grader different (in addition to not requiring a big tractor to pull it) is an actuator that lets you adjust the height of the grader’s wheels, raising or lowering the scarifiers.DR Driveway Grader

I set the grader teeth a few millimeters below the roadbed for the first pass, then gradually lowered them until I had loosened 2 inches of rock and gravel. Then I pulled the grader up and down the driveway until it was just beautifully smooth. Compared to the tractor-mounted blades I’ve used, the DR Driveway Grader was easier to use and less likely to wreck the driveway.

Driveway Grader

The DR Road Grader costs less than a box blade — not to mention the tractor you would need to pull it. And if you get some of your neighbors to share the cost, it becomes a very affordable way to keep country driveways in perfect condition.

DR Driveway Groomer

Click here to learn more about the DR Power Grader.

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People who have purchased the DR Power Grader say the following:

"I have a 48" DR Power Grader that I bought last year. Was positive it wouldn't work on my 1/4 mile road. I was wrong again. Works great."

"My neighbor has a DR Grader and pulls it behind his 18hp diesel yanmar tractor and it works great. He asked if he could play with it on my driveway after he did his. I told him to play all he wanted. Came home from work and drive looked real sweet."

"If the roads around your farm or deer lease need dressing up because of ruts and erosion, The DR Driveway Grader is the solution to your problem."


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